You can either do point buy or rolling. If rolling for stats, roll 4d6 six times and remove the lowest die to get six scores. You may reroll one entire score after rolling all six scores. You then allocate scores to abilities of your choice. There is no below 10 rule, “you gotta risk it, for the biscuit”. I must be witness to the rolling either physically or digitally (roll20).

5e Rule Changes

  • Arcane Spell Failure Returns
    • Unlike 5e where you can spellcast in any armor you are proficient in, we will use the 3.5e rules where the heavier the armor you have the larger change of automatic spell failure incurred. See 3.5e handbook for exact numbers
  • Death
    • Instead of using the death saving throw system we will use a modified version of 3.5e where instead of being reduced to -10 meaning death you instead must be reduced to -0.4*Max HP rounded toward zero, minimum of -10.
    • For those unfamiliar with the 3.5e death rules:
      • At 0 hp you are disabled. This means you can either move or take an action. If you take an action, after the action is completed you lose 1 hp.
      • When your hp is negative but not at your negative maximum you you are dying. This means you are unconscious and cannot move or act. You lose 1 hp every turn until you are either reach your negative maximum (resulting in death) or you become stabilized. To become stabilized you either must either A) roll a 19 or 20 on a d20 B) receive at least 1 point of magical healing C) a PC or NPC must make a successful Heal (or whatever it’s 5e equivalent is) check of DC 10 on you.
  • “Plant” Spells
    • Since in this world plant life is in a strange semi-dead state, certain spells the create or manipulate plant life might behave differently. Consult me if you plan on preparing or learning a plant spell so that I might review it and make any necessary changes to keep it in line with world lore. Again, please do this before you prepare/learn the spell so that if the changes are not to your liking you may choose something else.
    • I went through ranger spells for Trevor but any class that has the following spells please note that they do not work without being in a living forest/without have a living animal/plant target (including Goodberry as it is a transmutation spell that transforms a living plant sprig), unless the spell is followed by parentheses in which case it is changed as denoted in the parentheses:
      • Animal Friendship
      • Ensnaring Strike (vines are non-living)
      • Goodberry
      • Speak with Animals
      • Animal Messenger
      • Locate Animals and Plants
      • Conjure Animals
      • Plant Growth, Speak With Plants
      • Conjure Woodland Beings
      • Grasping Vine
      • Spike Growth (non-living spikes)
      • Commune With Nature
  • Exhaustion due to lack of supplies
    • Exhaustion from dehydration will remain the same as in the book.
    • Food exhaustion will work by a character losing 1 con for every day without food (affecting max hp), as well as gaining 1 level of exhaustion after the first day without food.
      • Further levels of exhaustion can not be added from starving.

Supplemental Module Whitelist

  • Races:
    • Aaarakocra and Genasi races from Unearthed Arcana/Elemental Evil
  • Spells (keep in mind plant spells still may behave differently):
    • Unearthed Arcana
    • Elemental Evil


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